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    TileList - drag - scroll/drag speed

      I'm working on a image sort utility based on the FlickRIA example.

      When I'm working with larger groups of images in multiple rows and I drag an image to sort and I'm only trying to move it just a row or two, the app scrolls very quickly up and down through the group...making it very difficult to stop and sort the image into one of the middle rows...instead I either end up at the top or the bottom of the group.

      Is there a way to customize the scroll or drag speed to make the screen scroll rate more reasonable?

      Thanks in advance.

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          ejmccullough Level 1
          If anyone has any thoughts, code examples or posts that they can direct me to, I'd appreciate it a lot.

          Again, the primary issue is the speed of the drag movement which prevents the user from dropping into the middle of a TileList.

          The TileList elements may have many rows, with only 3 rows of thumbs visible at a time. When you drag, the element that you are dragging tends to fly to the top or the bottom of the list...ie., scroll so fast you can't drop into a row other than the top two or the bottom two in the group.


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            VarioPegged Level 2
            Don't know how comfortable you are in extending the TileList class to get at the protected function that controls the drag speed, but in case you're not here it is. Since that value is hard coded in a local var "scrollInterval", you could change it to a larger value to slow down the scrolling in the function dragScroll(). Notice that it is set in two places. The default value is set at 100, which you find too fast, so I've adjusted it to 500. You can adjust it further.

            Then you'll instantiate CustomTileList instead of TileList to use it.

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              ejmccullough Level 1
              Thanks for the info. I've had to delay this project due to some other issues with our site and server.

              Can you give me the 2 min advice on how to instatiate this custom package? (Where to place it, how to pull it in, etc....is there anything I have to do in the Application declaration with namespace and/or how to Import it?)

              I'm just a beginner, so some quick pointers would be wonderful.