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    background tile turns grainy after saving

    Lorva Level 1
      I'm trying to make a background tile with a texture in it. I'm probably missing a step somewhere but here is what I'm doing:

      Open up a new documement 200 pixels square

      Select the square with vector selection tool (this may be the wrong step but I can't figure out how else to turn this into a vector image so I can use the textures in the properties panel --otherwise that panel is not available)

      make sure it's 200x200

      fill with desired color with paint bucket. (I used #cc9966

      go to properties panel and choose "smoky" for a texture (i want a sandy gravel tile)

      Lighten it up by clicking on Filters/adjust color/hue saturation (I set Hue at +9)

      This looks just like what I want,

      However after saving the image as a .gif it turns very grainy.

      Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?