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    Reader X start automatic when using sendto or print to a physical printer


      Using Win7 x64 and Adobe Reader X 10.1.0

      Adobe Reader is not running by Default. Its the Default PDF Reader.

      When i use right Click Print (and a physical printer as Default printer) or right Click Sendto  with a Printer

      Adobe Reader X Starts up minimized and show me the "welcome" screen with last opend Documents.

      this happens with every printer (virtual and physical)

      Didnt found any solution on this board so far also not via Google


      If i use another PDF Reader like Foxit, this doenst happen. Beside this we dont want to use Foxit but as an test i installed it.


      What can i do to avoid this behaviour?

      Happend so far only with Win7 X64 and Adobe Reader X despite the sub version (also with 10.1.1 at another workplace)