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    Help with XMP Panels in Adobe BRidge


      Hi All


      I'm trying to create a XMP Panel for Adobe Bridge, and I'm having a weird problem I'm hoping someone can answer.


      The Panel is created, and works, I can change a metadata field and the metadta field gets saved correctly.

      However, I need to change one of the metadata fields in code, and although it's changing thee text within the field, when I close the panel it doesn't update the metadata.


      Here's a code sippet:

      First the form Items:



                                    label="$$$/xmp/sdk/custompanels/Dave3/Title=Document Title:"

                                    labelTooltip="$$$/xmp/sdk/custompanels/Dave3/TitleToolTip=The title of the document, or the name given to the resource. Typically, it will be a name by which the resource is formally known.">

        <fi:XMPTextInput id="docTitle"





        <mx:FormItem label="Change Title">

                          <mx:Button label="Digital"





      And here's the function that changes the text:


                                    private function updateTitle(url: String):void



                                              var st: String = "Hello Folks";

                                              docTitle.text = st;

                                              docTitle.enabled = true;




      As expected, the text in the docTitle field changes, but when I close the FIleInfo panel the changed text is not written to the file.


      Any Ideas?


      Thanks in advance