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    Generalisation relations in blazeds services are not generated on flex side




      I'm trying to create an application that will do the hard work in java with services exposed by blaze and use flex as a thin front-end. However, I'm having difficulties with the code generated by flash builder using the rds servlet.


      When I create two value-objects (say Man and Human where Man extends Human) in Java and I expose these as remote object with a method public Man doSomething(Human input); and I generate code on the flex side for this service then the generated Man class in actionscript does not extend the generated Human class. Instead Man extends _Super_Man and Human extends _Super_Human. This means that I can no longer call the doSomething method with an instance of Man. I have tried to work around this by using an interface on the java side but the java interface is translated into a flex class and my other generated classes do not extend nor implement the interface. So far I have not found samples with these kinds of relations.


      Does anybody know how to do this?


      I'm using blaze/spring integration and flash builder 4.5.


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