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    Floating items effect

    Aidan Bell Level 1

      I'm working with a green screen head and shoulders of a subject.

      I want to have a number of photos floating around the subject, perhaps as bubble-shaped spheres or such, or just simple flat images.

      Does anyone know of any tricks/tutorials/effects/even transitions that would achieve this without my having to create every item individually using motion keyframes?

      I'm not experienced with After Effects and would very much prefer to achieve this in Premier if possible.

      Many thanks.

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          This sounds pretty much like an AfterEffects-thing to do... in premiere you will have to do it with keyframing them.


          I'd suggest to have a look on youtube, there are some "moving-objects-in-After-Effects"-Tutorials. For example, you could create an object that moves along a certain path. Then you choose the After-Effects-Tool "motion tracker" and mark the object to tell After Effects on which path it should move the pictures along... it's a rough idea, there might me other ways for sure... Probably make an animation-video for each of the pictures and put them all together in the end.


          But i'm sure, if you get a bit more comfortable with After Effects, you'll become more and more creative! :-)



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            Aidan Bell Level 1

            Many thanks for the advice. Despite having edited with Premier for about seven years now, I've never once used After Effects. I rarely require special effects, and unfortunately I'm on a bit of a tight timeline with this project and don't really have time for the learning curve After Effects would no doubt put me through. Hense my hoping to "cheat"!  I'll have another look on YouTube, otherwise I guess it's going to come down to making a number of templates with Premier Motion keyframes!

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              PrPro's Keyframing function is very powerful, and with the Fixed Effects>Motion>Position, and probably Motion>Scale, you can do much of what one can do in AE. AE does offer many more features, that would likely make the task easier, but still PrPro should be able to handle things OK.


              Good luck,



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                Aidan Bell Level 1

                Thanks, Bill. Keyframing it is