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    FlexUnit tests fail due to missing sound card on headless CI server

    w3ltraumpirat Level 1



      I have set up Jenkins CI server with Xvnc to run FlexUnit tests during the build process.  Everything worked fine until I started working with Sound - now Flash Player is started, throws a bunch of errors complaining about the missing sound card (which obviously, a headless virtual server doesn't have), and stops execution of the tests entirely. 


      I am working around this problem by only running sound-related tests on my local machine, but since the entire purpose of a CI server is to make sure every commit runs through ALL the available unit tests, I was wondering if there is any way to make Flash Player "think" a sound card is available, much in the same way that Xvnc allows me to work without a physical monitor.  Does anyone here have experience with this kind of problem?  Or better yet: Is there a best practice or solution to this problem?


      Thanks in advance,