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    TabBar item selection

    Milo[HUN] Level 1
      Hi there!

      I have a component with a tabbar on it. To set the tab items enabled property, i needed to extend the tabbar, and now it looks like sg like this in actionscript:
      var tabB:Tabbar;
      var viewSt:ViewStack = new ViewStack;
      tabB.dataProvider = viewSt;
      var vbox:VBox = new VBox;
      vbox.label = "some data from dataprovider";
      vbox.enabled = ...;

      So that's how my tabbar looks like now.
      My problem would be this: If is select a tab item the selection works like pretty, but i'd like to reselect the same item (my goal is to regenerate component that is generated by clickin on the tabB item), beacuse now if i click on a selected item no event is dispatched.
      Now i'm listening to an ItemClick event from tabB component. What should I do?