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    Import QuarkXPress-6.5-/5-Files into InDesign CS4 now possible?




      We want our remaining QuarkXPress (6.5)-users to switch to InDesign

      (we are still using CS4 until now).

      But as long as it is not possible to reuse the files and templates

      from QuarkXPress 6.5 we have quite a difficult stand ...

      QuarkXPress 6.5 can save files using the version 6- and the version 5-

      format - but InDesign can only import older file-formats.

      Of course these users don't want to spend money for this Q2ID-Tool

      (because they even don't want to switch to InDesign; it's us

      administrators that want more standardized PCs ...).


      This group of users even had older versions of QuarkXPress but

      as nobody knew these might be useful one day (to save files in

      version 4-format) they were thrown away ...


      So - is there now a good solution (like an update, plugin or

      something like that from Adobe itself) to get our users to

      switch to InDesign (without being a special converting tool)?


      Thank you!


      Bernd Leutenecker