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    Best solution for customers to edit InDesign files within a browser????


      I have done a lot of research of some of the companies out there now that do this (one2edit, wealledit, chilli publishing, etc.) and none are really what we are looking for.  To begin, we are a publishing company that produces custom academic planning calendars....which includes formatting rules/regulations for schools that will be included with a calendar.  Basically, we currently export an RTF each year and the school will edit that RTF file.  We then use some custom scripts to import back into InDesign.  Now, if they do this correct (use our styles in the file, etc)...typically, this works pretty well.  However, out of 2000+ schools, probably only 60-70% do this right....which leads many more hours of formatting, etc.  We also post a PDF proof online before we send the files to print and the school has an opportunity at that time to make changes, edits, etc. to the rules and regulations section.  Currently, they simply tell us what they want changed, added, etc and we do that for them.


      Our goal here:


      We would like the schools to be able to make their changes in the begining of each year as well as at proof time live in the InDesign document via a browser.  One company that is similar to this is WeAllEdit.  There are some issues with how they update the info live (to see page flow), etc. and that is a huge feature we need.  We would like the admin at the school to make whatever edits they have each year or at proof time in a browser that looks EXACTLY like the InDesign document we have created for them.  This will include current page flow, paragraph styles, custom tabs (mainly text).  If they are to make a change in the browser that affects page flow - i.e. pushes something to a new page or pulls something from the next page, we want to be visible to the customer so they can see exactly how the flow of the document is and how it will print. 



      - Again, WeAllEdit seems to be the closest to what we are looking for (for a reference point), but, still has issues with what we are looking for. 

      - Do we investigate purchasing a InDesign server license and develop/design our own interface for this? 

      - Is .XML an option?  You can currently export an XML file with tagged text.  Is this something that can be translated into an online feature with a good designer?

      - other suggestions??



      Sorry for the lengthy post, just wanted to be very specific as to what we do and what we are looking for.  ANY help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!