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    Capturing old VHS tapes - synching issues

    John (SLS Publicity) Level 1

      Firstly as I am only a very infrequent user of Premiere Pro  I apologise if this has been asked before but my searching hasn't found an answer.  Sorry to ask on here but I don't seem to be using the right keywords in search to find the answers either on here on the Premiere Help files.


      My problem -


      I have an ION VCR 2 PC device that plays VHS tapes and converts them to digital format.  However when I used it to capture a long VHS tape the resultant capture was useless as the sound was out of synch after a few minutes because a blank (red?) frame was not inserted where a video frame was dropped although the sound ran on uninterupted.  I want to try again but don't want to waste time if all that will happen is the same issue recurs.  What settings do I need to make for the capture so that the video and sound timelines match with points where frames have been dropped at the very least marked so I can hand edit the soundtrack back into synch?*


      Version of PP = 5.0.3 fully updated.  System is Windows 7 64 bit on a high spec machine.


      *NB I have noted from other found posts that to minimise dropped frame risks during the capture run I need to stop all background processes and virus checks etc., and capture to the main HDD on my PC not to the external USB network drive.