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    Objects not clickable when supposed to


      In an swf-file I have a square (a choice in a menu) that is supposed to be clickable. But sometimes when I add "content" to the square, such as a symbol (an illustration for the menu choice). The actual symbol is not clickable. This happens in a to me random way, some squares work perfectly well though filled with symbols. My work around has been to remove the symbol that is not working and then add it again, and it worked...


      Now I have a similar problem, but in a ipa-file. When testing the file on my computer the problem is not occuring. But on the iPad there is a problem. Behind an open menu I have put a dark but transparent shadow that will make the user focus on the menu. When poking the shadow it is supposed to go away and the user can continue with what he was doing. This works most of the time, but on some occations when there is another "clickable"-object behind the shadow this other object reacts (it is a card turning). Strangely it only happens on some cards but not all.


      Is there a connection between these two problems, and if not how do I solve this last one. There are so many cards I have to tamper with if I have to do the work around above... And to me it seems like a bug... I don't want to bend backwards if this is an Adobe issue. I am using Flash Pro 5.5, Action script 3 and Air 3.0.


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