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    PDF properties (meta tags) can't be changed (error 0x80040154 - class not registered)




      Changing PDF properties (meta tags: author, title, comment, theme etc) in  Adobe Reader as well as in Windows Explorer are disabled rsp does not funtion.


      1. In Adobe Reader "File properties", the overwriting rsp insertion of text is disabled in grey.


      2. In Windows  Explorer, following message window appears: "Properties change: Due to an unexpected error, properties can't be changed - Error  0x80040154: class not registered"


      (Sorry for the bad translation, but I am running the German version)


      Is there a technical explanation and  solution for this problem? In other PDF programms, the change of meta data does work fine.



      Windows 7 64-bit, Acrobat Reader X 10.1.1. (Standard PDF Viewer)



      Many thanks & best regards