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    InDesign: User option to insert image

    Wings_of_Success Level 1

      Please forgive me, but I have looked everywhere else and in some places here:


      In using Indesign, I am developing an interactive form style, and I pretty much have everything covered except for one thing...


      I wish to save my developed interactive form in a PDF and I wish for the user to have an option to insert an image, as described next


      The form will have an image box

      Below will be a button saying something like "Click here to insert photo"

      Upon clicking the button, I wish to have it linked or have a formula to have a pre=selected Explorer fol;der pop up where I store my customer images

      The use selects the image and clicks OK and the image fills in to the image box


      I simply cannot seem to find this anywhere, and I truly do not know which exact phrase to type into search fields.


      It's easy to do in MS Docs using the developer, but I wonder if Indesign CS5 has this options. There are so many buttons.


      I found the one that lets me insert an image as a developer, but I want the user to have this.


      Thank you kindly