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    Unable to Open .pdf Files in Excel




      I have an Excel spreadsheet & within it there are several .pdf files inserted as objects.


      I can open some of the files but not others.


      When I click on the files that I can open, in the formula bar at the top of Excel it says =EMBED("Acrobat Document","")


      On the files I can't open it says =EMBED("Outlook.FileAttach","")


      It is weird because some people can open these objects & others can't.


      The error message I'm getting when trying to open these files is "Cannot start the source application for this object".


      I have opened Adobe Reader (v 10) & gone to Edit > Preferences > General > Unticked enable protected mode at startup, but still no joy.


      I could really do with some help with this now as I've been looking for a fix all day & there is nothing that I've tried that has worked..


      Thanks in advance.