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    Slow Playback Adobe Audition CS5.5 - not sample rate setting error!


      I'm currently using Windows 7 and Adobe Audition CS5.5 build 1815. Soundcard is RME Digi96 Pad. Ok its an old card and the drivers date from 2005. In Adobe 3.1 and CS5.5  I get slow, around half speed, playback at 44k and 96k sample rates. YES the project sample rates and sound card sample rates are set correctly, clock is set to master on the soundcard.


      However, in using Cockos Reaper 3 or 4 on exactly the same computer, same soundcard, same OS, I can play 44k and 96k wav files perfectly.


      This suggests to me there is an error in the way Adobe Audition 3 / CS5.5 is handling the ASIO drivers in Windows 7 with some soundcards.


      If it was a driver problem, or indeed a soundcard hardware issue, then Reaper would not perform properly.


      So what's going on with the ASIO drivers in Adobe Audition with Windows 7?