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    Working on keyframes in a copied sequence changes the original sequence as well (Premiere Pro CS5.5)


      Hi everyone,


      maybe this is a very basic question, but the search in the forum didn't bring up any related questions, so here i go:


      Let's say, i copy a sequence in Premiere Pro CS5.5 and paste it in the same project. I have some textclips with keyframes in them. (I do this, because the videos stay the same, i just write different things into them. When i change the keyframes in the copied sequence the way i need them there and then go back to the original sequence, the keyframes there were changed as well. This is not what i wanted.


      My question therefore is: How can i make a copy of one sequence and then work on it without changing the original one at the same time? Why are they linked anyway? Is that just a selection in my version of Premiere Pro or is that a general thing?


      Would be great, if someone could explain that to me.