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    MSCAPI not working as revocation checker with Adobe X in Protected Mode?


      Using Adobe Reader 10.0.1 with Windows 7 x86.  With Adobe 9, we had  the revocation checker set to use MSCAPI, so that our 3rd-party provider, Tumbleweed Desktop Validtor, would be used.  This was working fine.  With Adobe 10, it works only if we take protected mode off.   If protected mode is on, it appears on the surface to work because the revocation tab states "The selected  certificate is considered valid because it has not been revoked according to Microsoft's cryptographic revocation verification service", however the Microsoft CAPI2 log and the Tumbleweed log show no activity at all.  If protected mode is off, there is the expected entries in both the CAPI2 log and the Tumbleweed log.   Is there something else I need to do like add a certain file or files to the Privileged locations (I have tried adding those I thought would be relevant with no success).