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    Freezing with CUDA effects in an AJA timeline, CS5.5.1

    needles27 Level 3

      I'm not positive it is an AJA problem, so I am posting here to see if anyone else has this issue:


      Sporadically, when in an AJA timeline and using CUDA accelerated effects, when I park the playhead on a clip with a yellow render line, PPRo becomes unresponsive.  I can move the playhead around, but cannot start playback.  I can access menus, but not *do anything.  When I move the playhead around the timeline, the program monitor doesn't update.  I can quit the program, but it will hang - making me do a force quit.  When I re-open, everything functions fine, but then I will hit this problem again - sometimes immediately, sometime after a few minutes of editing.  I can't find any pattern.


      I'm on a MacPro 4,1, 32GB RAM, GTX 285, internal RAID.  I hadn't had this problem in the 5.5 release, and I can't seem to make it happen in an Adobe timeline...making me think this is an AJA issue.  Anyone else using AJA sequences with CUDA acceleration on 5.5.1 (or 5.5.2) that either does or does not see this problem on a Mac?  Thanks for the input.