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    Flash player issues with system recognizing it's installed - all versions


      I am running a Vista 64-bit computer.I seem to have had lots of trouble with Adobe Flash Player being recognized by various sites (and have the same issues with other computers running both XP and Windows 7). I've downloaded, I've clicked install, it shows in the computer but the sites keep asking me to download. I downloaded 11 recently, which didn't help and later found out that it doesn't support Vista 64 bit, even though I've had Vista 64 bit for 3 1/2 years! Anyway, I uninstalled 11 and found a download for 10 and put it back to that but it still doesn't help.For example, I was looking at patterns on michaels.com and I got the message to install Flash.


      Again, I have FP 10 installed (now) and would like to know if there are additional steps to take in order to get sites to recognize it is installed. Additionally, I am curious as to the short-sitedness of Adobe NOT to provide Flash Player for 64 bit Vista machines. Because Microsoft charges crazy amounts to upgrade OS, it is unlikely that I'll upgrade to Win 7 anytime soon. And since the product (Vista x64) has been around for many years, why is it treated as though it doesn't exist?