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    X Y Drag and Drop coordinates confusion

      Hi, I am working on a digital fiction story. You can see it at http://www.primalwounds.com/
      But I am struggling to understand something at the moment. First, I should say that I mainly work in Flash MX2004, although I can get access to Flash 8 too. However, I would prefer to use MX2004 for now.

      Anyway, my professor has sent me feedback on this particular page http://www.primalwounds.com/primal4/index-4.html

      He says that he recommends that I make the bounding box larger so that the drag and drop jigsaw pieces at the end of this swf movie can be completely moved out of the way. He says that if I increase the X and Y coordinates to encompass a larger space, then users can drag the pieces as far as I want them

      According to him, if I was using Flash 8 and turned on Script Assist I would get code that might look like this onClipEvent (load) {
      startDrag("", true, 100, 100, 500, 400);

      But MX2004 does not have Script Assist and I do not really understand what this code above means. I have no idea what would be good parameters for the jigsaw puzzle I created at the end of http://www.primalwounds.com/primal4/index-4.html

      Would anyone like to take a look at it and suggest to me what would be good parameters and how I should write the code. Can MX2004 use the same code as Flash 8? Sorry, but this whole thing completely baffles me at the moment. I have tried searching on line for info about bounding boxes and parameters, but the articles do not seem to address my issue.

      I would be really grateful for any help you can give me on this, but keep it dead simple.

      Thanks for your time,
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          they already can be dragged completely out off the stage. you can't do any more than that.

          you probably have no startDrag() parameters currently and that gives you the maximum region to drag your movieclips.
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            mking10 Level 1
            Wow, that is really interesting what you say. Can I ask what browser you are using? Also, are you on a Mac or a PC, and what is your screen resolution. I have a pc desktop and a laptop, and in both Mozilla Firefox and IE7 on both of my computers the jigsaw pieces only move within the actual bounding box. My Flash stage is set at 600pixels x 400 pixels.

            I wonder how come on your computer you can drag the jigsaw pieces outside of the bounding box. My laptop screen has a resolution of 1400x1050 pixels. My desktop screen resolution is 1280 x 1024 pixels. Does the screen resolution have anything to do with it.

            Thanks for your feedback,
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              mking10 Level 1
              Sorry, can I just ask, did you view the movie inside of the webpage, or did you download it and watch it as an swf? I know as the latter, the pieces work, but I want to get the pieces to be able to move outside of the bounding box whilst being viewed on the webpage too.

              Thanks for your help,
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                kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                i'm using firefox on a winxp machine with a 24 inch widescreen with resolution 1920x1600. and i viewed your swf embedded in your html file after clicking your link.

                and all of the above is irrelevant.

                show one of your startDrag() methods.