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    Not seeing specific calls

    Adrien. Level 1

      So I have FlashBuilder 4.5, Adobe Flash 11 and Adobe Air 3.0 installed andin Flash in a new porject doing something like:



      import flash.(packagename drop downlist appears)


      There is no fileSystem


      So I thought, well lets do:



      var f:File = File.(Drop down list of all methods should appear)


      Flash Builder is all like..."Whats File?" Its not seeing other packages apart of Air or Flash. and I cannot figure out why. I installed all the run times and what not.....Any ideas?   


      From what I see, it only gives me the very basics of the SDK and nothing else. Which is odd...and I checked to make sure I am doing thing right and I am, It should be



      var f:File = File.applicationDirectory


      But doing that makes Flash Builder spazz out be like "no that doesnt exist sorry...you cant do that" when clearly its legal, accoriding to thedocumentation that I can.