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    IE8/9 and Reader 10.1.1 - javascript:openWindow to PDF file no longer works


      Hi there -


      I've a strange situation with an existing website.


      The application opens up PDF files into a new window using a javascript:openWindow HREF on a simple webpage.  That HREF consists of a relative url, such as the following:




      The first time attempting to open a PDF file (in this manner) after loading IE, the PDF file comes up just fine.  Each subquent time after doing so though, it fails to open properly, giving us nothing but a gray window (without any of the Reader controls).  The only way to get it to come back up again within the popup is to close IE entirely and come back in.


      If I copy and paste the absolute URL for the PDF path into the original browser window, the PDF comes up within the browser without an issue.


      Other things of note: the original window shows the content as being in the "Internet" zone within IE, but the popup shows as the "Unknown Zone".


      This was working fine until Reader 10.1.1.


      I've been able to reproduce the issue in all of the following environments:


      XP-SP3 32-bit/IE8/Reader 10.1.1

      Win7/IE9/Reader 10.1.1


      Works fine on the same systems in Firefox or Chrome.  Worked fine on these same systems prior to 10.1.1 being released as well.


      Anyone have any ideas?