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    Setting up context sensitive help for WebHelp in web application.




      I'm working on a help system for a web application. It will include context sensitive help triggered by an icon on the screen, and the Topic will open in an iframe with a set size. The developer has already set up the iframe that pops up when the icons are clicked. He is giving me the ID for the screens with the help icons as a fully qualified java file name. I'm not sure what the correct process would be in RoboHelp to map the ID's to the topics.


      1. Do I create a map file using the list of ID's the developer sends me? Would it be in this format:

      #define Topic_Name Java_File_Name


      2. Do I then add the ID to the appropriate help Topic using Project Setup pod Context-Sensitive Help folder?


      3. When I generate the layout I specify the map file I created above (.h extension)


      3. If the developer already set up the iFrame size, is it correct that I don't need to create a custom window to set up the size? Is there a way to set it so two panes open? (I believe using the method above one pane opens with link to navigation pane)


      Thanks in advance,