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    Render Quicktime H.264


      I am trying to create a video to be used on the Dataton Watchout system.  My composition size is 3240x720.  I was able to render the full size using the ProRes codec, but when I tried to export H.264 the width was limited to 2000.  I looked at all the settings and it should render full size according to the settings.  Is there a reason I am being limited?  Thanks for any help!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Many codecs, especially H264, have very specific frame sizes that they can render to. If you don't use these specific sizes, you can't render.

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            Sonburst2005 Level 1

            Are there any resources that discuss the limits of different codecs?  Thanks!

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP



              It's not a good practice to render h264 directly from AE either. Any GOP compression scheme works much better when you use multi pass compression, The only way to do that with AE is to load the AEP into the Adobe Media Encoder and choose one of the presets.


              If it were me I'd talk to the Dataton folks or the client and find out what codec, data rate, and file format they are comfortable with.

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                Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I prefer to render a lossless file out of AE and then use the Adobe Media Endocer to make a compressed version of it. The reason being, I can try and retry a bunch of different compression settings without having to rerender the whole AE comp. It's especially important if you've got a very intensive comp with millions of particles. However, if your comp is fairly simple and renders quickly, you might as well just drop the comp into Adobe Media Encoder.

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                  marian.ene Level 2


                  you need to set your level to 5 or 5.1 in Media Encoder.

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                    Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    I've done plenty of Watchout presentations.  It's preferable to supply hi-res material for Watchout in segmented form, appropriate for the output configuration of the Watchout job you're working on.  If the job is feeding multiple video monitors, it's fairly easy to segment.  If it's feeding overlapping projection systems it becomes more complex. Almost certainly this material will need to be segmented - there's not a monitor or projector I know of that can run natively at the resolution you've specified.  You need to work closely with the technicians configuring the Watchout presentation to get this stuff right. 


                    If you don't know the exact parameters of the output configuration, you shouldn't be supplying material in a delivery codec like H.264.  Supply it in ProRes, or better yet in an uncompressed form like QT Animation (100% quality) so that the techs can segment it themselves without losing quality.