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    Duplicate Topic Output?



      On a PC importing Frame 10 into RoboHelp 9 as part of the TCS, I am getting duplicate topic hits on search returns. This is the most plain vanilla project you can imagine. Started with a clean import. Output WebHelp, opened the output and noticed I had not selected lower case file names. So I reran the output with that selected.


      I ran a search for a relatively rare text string, and noticed that there were duplicate topics returned, with different breadcrumbs. But seeing that half of the output had mixed case file names and the other half lower case, I deleted the WebHelp folder in !SSL and regenerated the output. Same result, duplicate topics, one mixed case and one lower case.


      The only weird thing I can notice is the breadcrumbs. The mixed case topics all lead back to a custom home page that I built that is essentially a welcome screen with linked TOC to the chapter files. The lower case files lead back through the directory structure.


      I ran a search for that term in the WebHelp directory, the results appear in the attached file. The mixed case files lead back to the project root directory (Admin), the lower case to a mutant version of the chapter name.


      Any thoughts? I hate to start this over again, deadlines are looming and this two hour project has sapped my whole day.


      Thanks in advance.