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    Refreshing Workspace forever...




      I've put up with the slow "refreshing workspace" nonsense for a few years now, on Flex 3 and now 4.5.

      Today I lost over two hours of my life opening and closing FlashBuilder and trying every trick that has worked in the past. (closing extra projects, "cleaning" the projects, etc.)

      I can't even stop the "build before launch" process without killing the IDE!


      I can't build my project that has a deadline in a few days. What am I to do here?

      Does Adobe have a real answer for this problem yet? I think it deserves some real attention since it's been a major issue for *years* now.

      Frankly, as much as I enjoy programming in Flex, I think the terrible IDE is going to force me to switch to something else after this project. (That combined with the ambiguous state of Air on Linux, where most of my projects run ultimately.)

      But for the time being I need to get this finished and I'm looking for any ideas to help restore my ability to compile the project and get it finished.


      Any ideas would be appreciated.