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    ADE not recognizing my Kobo Vox ereader



      I just purchased a new Kobo Vox ereader and installed ADE on my Dell laptop. Authorized on my laptop no problem but when I connected my Kobo Vox, ADE didn't recognize it or authorize it like it was supposed to.,  Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong and how to fix this problem?



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          I spent hours with my family trying everything we could think of to try and get the Kobo to download books from our ADE file on the computer to the new Kobo Vox. We have previously used the two other types of Kobo devices and have never had a problem with using ADE..which by the way works wonderfully. I finally gave up and called Kobo. I was told that KOBO VOX will not be able to support ADE...I think if I understood them correctly, this is because the Vox is an android based e-reader/tablet.  I did go on line and several people said that they had created...a patch so to speak by using something called a txtr file for their phones...but no one I saw had done it yet with their Kobo Vox. ..I looked into it a bit more but the Kobo blocked me from downloading that app and many of the other android apps I tried to download because they weren't in their app store... My son who sells electronic devices said..you have to be careful when you do things like this because you could compromise the Vox and wind up making the warrantly void if something went wrong.

          I was a bit unhappy when I learned about no ADE. The whole point of buying a Kobo in Canada is because you can use the free books from our libraries because of Adobe Digital Editions, in addition to  purchasing them from the Kobo store. I thought I had the problem solved when I downloaded Overdrive Media that's listed on the Ontario digital library web-site..but that didn't work either for epub books...I think it might work for audio books though but I never fully looked into it. Once I heard from Kobo that I couldn't get Adobe Digital Ediitions....I decided to return the Kobo Vox. Not sure if I'll go back to the Kobo touch...(which I liked but it wasn't in colour and not quite as easy to read on) or if I'll go to another tablet like an iPad. Hope this helps.....

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            Kitt4 Level 1

            Hi I contacted someone from a website called goodereader who had a review of the Kobo Vox and this is what he said.....


            I connected my vox to my PC and Adobe Digital Editions recognized it. Maybe try plugging the vox in and using USB mode on it and then use the boot menu and instead of rebooting your computer use logoff and then re-log on and it should be recognized. Maybe this will work.

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              After the better part of a week trying to get a DRM EPUB book on the Kobo Vox I finally succeeded by installing Adilko which Adobe Digital Editions recognized (after I found a setting in Adilko to authorize the application).  I found every step of the way was very frustrating and I am very computer literate so don't know how the average person would get through this.  I also purchased the VOX with the expectation that it would be similar to the touch ereader in terms of being able to read public library books on it; I think Kobo has to work closely with Adobe to address this issue or they will have alot of units being returned.


              To install Adilko I had to manipulate the website address that was emailed to me by Adilko.com (I had no luck with Android Open Market; kept saying I didn't have an android phone number!).

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                Just found a video put out by goodereader website that tells you how to download library books to the Kobo Vox. You see a computer screen and they show you how to download a library book.


                Here is a link to the video  http://goodereader.com/blog/

                They use Calibre, ADE and Windows Explorer.

                The Kobo website also has info that said it hopes to have this problem addressed in the next 3 weeks or so.

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                  testscript Level 1

                  Go to this site http://goodereader.com/blog/electronic-readers/essential-kobo-vox-apps-and-tools/ and download Overdrive.  I just did it and it installed no problem.  The app lets you add a public library, checkout and download epub books directly to the Kobo Vox. With Overdrive you don't need to have another pc with Adobe Digital Editions on it and then transfer the book so you will be able to get a library book whenever you have a wi-fi connection.

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                    "Testscript"'s solution is correct. Thank you very much TS. I've spent a couple of days trying to conquer this problem and have pieced together info gleaned from a number of sources.

                    Background: I have a Kobo Vox. Downloaded ADE to my desktop and was able to authorize it and download DRM library books and free books from Kobo's bookstore. Vox wasn't recognized by ADE when connected via USB. The message I received from Vox with a USB connection was regarding turning USB storage off and on. There was silence from ADE. As a matter of fact, I couldn't even find the executable file to open ADE on my desktop, but that's another issue.

                    Solution: Bless the souls at Goodreader.com. The Overdrive program worked for me. Download it to your Vox, (not your computer) from here, http://goodereader.com/blog/electronic-readers/essential-kobo-vox-apps-and-tools/  under "Mainstream Reader Apps". Install it to Vox, then launch the Overdrive app from "All Apps". Launch a browser, then type in \\search.overdrive.com in the location bar. Pick your public library from the list, or if you're in Toronto, choose "Toronto Public Library" to search the entire system. Bookmark the page. Log in using your library login and go from there. Your DRM epub books will download. When they're downloaded (you can check by pulling down the download menu by swiping your finger from top to bottom of Vox screen), books will show up in Overdrive app, rather than in the Vox Library. Until Kobo sorts ADE out, that's okay for me.


                    I bought the Vox primarily to read books and was about the pack it up to return tomorrow as it wasn't able to accomplish that. Kobo have made it unnecessarily difficult to download books except from their store and in .pdf format. I don't know how people with limited computer knowledge will cope. Kobo really need to get it together or they will have a lot of post-Xmas returns.


                    Hope this helps. The other really essential app from goodreader.com is Adobe Flash.

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                      Kitt's hubby

                      Dear Vox Reader and testscript:. Thank you for the information about downloading books. I spent so much time trying to find a solution to the problem of downloading library books that I did take my e-reader back and am presently using my original Kobo reader. I wanted to wait and see how the library issue was resolved. Plus find out if there were any other issues with it that hadn't yet arisen.

                      I really liked the Vox, It has a clear screen and I found reading on it to be spectacular and for a tablet form, it wasn't nearly as heavy nor frankly as expensive as an Ipad  ...but I felt overwhelmed trying to resolve the library book issue. Hence the return until a later date..when I feel more confident about it.


                      BTW I emailed the people at Good e reader fairly early on and received a reply to my email within two hours with some initial ideas in order to solve the library issue. Within a day or so  they had solutions posted in both video and written form on their website posted. It is truly an amazing website.


                      I wanted to ask a couple of questions to help me clarify a few things I don't know about the Vox...When you said you downloaded  overdrive...I assume you meant wireless directly to the Kobo. does this mean you don't use your computer anymore for downloading public library e-books? Is the book in that format as easy to read as the books that you download from the Kobo website?

                      Also how have you found the mail program and calendar to be. .I never got  that part of the set-up going..I spent 3 days just working on trying to download the library books....I didn't want to transfer all my calender email etc. info to it before I knew if I was going to keep the Vox. I noticed that you had to set up something on line in order to do this...was that very time consuming?

                      Are their adequate apps for downloading?  Did you have to install flash drive? Did the Kobo continuouly block you from downloading other apps outside of the app store that is available on the kobo?  Also did you find the internet turned off everytime you turned off the Vox?  How long did your battery last (mine was 3 to 4 hours,but that might have been due to trying to download the books and using the internet constantlyl verses just reading)...these were some the of the other things/issues I was wondering about.

                      Overall is the Kobo Vox turning out to be everything you hoped it would be? Would you describe it as a "mini-me" IPad, mainly an ereader, a surprisingly good tablet or something else? I'd really appreciate your thoughts on this before I go back out and get another one.

                      Thanks so much.... Kitt

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                        testscript Level 1

                        Overall, now that I have the library book issue resolved, I am satisfied with the vox.  While I woud love to own an ipad I can't cost justify it and tablets are twice the price of the vox. I would describe it as a mini-android based tablet that for the price meets my needs.  I looked at the Kobo touch when it first came out and while tempted decided it was too limited. When the vox was announced I felt this was just what I was looking for based on price, functionality,and size.I downloaded Overdrive directly to the Vox with a wi-fi connection and can get books through Overdrive on the vox without using my pc. Reading a book through Overdrive works very nicely; don't know about it being the same as Kobo in all features but it certainly meets my needs.


                        I haven't made use of the mail program or calendar. I downloaded the apps that were recommended at the goodereader site mentioned earlier.  I haven't found too much in the android app market so far but I haven't been through it all (also seem to get stuff for around the world, eg russian, greek, etc showing up). To download outside the kobo getjar you need go to Settings, select Application settings and select Unknown sources. Sometimes I need to kick the wi-fi on through settings, not always though. Not sure about battery life yet, one of the ways to make it last longer is turn on airplane mode if you don't need wi-fi.


                        As to setting up something online I tried so many things and had so many issues around downloading through google android, open market etc. so it was all VERY TIME CONSUMING considering it didn't work! I finally emailed Kobo support on the drm epub issue and got this reply four days later:

                        You can download the Overdrive app from here: http://www.overdrive.com/software/omc/

                        Please follow these steps:

                        - Type the above link into their browser
                        - Find the section that states “If your device doesn't support Android Market, you can download OverDrive Media Console for Android from OverDrive” and select the link
                        - Agree to the terms
                        - The download will start
                        - After the download is complete open the system bar by dragging down from the top
                        - Tap on the download in order to install
                        - Select ‘Open’ once the installation is complete
                        - OverDrive will be installed and in the All Apps section

                        Thank you,
                        Kobo Team


                        Hope this helps.

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                          I downloaded Overdrive for Android on my Kobo Vox, but the Vox won't let it install.  Why would that be?

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                            iamtuareg Level 1

                            Okay, now I have Overdrive, but cannot find anyplace to download books.  Now what?

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                              Thank you VoxReader - I was trying everything to get my library book on my Kobo Vox and that totally worked!

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                                Thank you testscript!  After spending several hours attempting to get ADE to recognize my Vox (The Kobo help section accessed through the Vox makes absolutely no mention that it's not supported by ADE) I came here looking for help.  I downloaded OverDrive when I first got my Vox and haven't had any problems with it (my local library has great instructions on what's needed to borrow their books).  My issue was imoprting an ebook I purchased a few years ago for another ereader.  To make a long story short, I installed Aldiko on my Vox which allowed ADE to recognize the device and now my ebook has been imported and I'm good to go.


                                I'm assuming I'm not the only person to see the irony of having to install an ereader app on my ereader in order to read a book.