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    Importing XML containing tables with images

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      I'm to decide the input-format, and the approach for importing a table. The source format is XML, similar to an HTML table, but this will take a tour through a web service, where I'll be able to transform it into what's needed.


      In addition to rows and columns (and other things that all tables have), I need to support:


      * Cells spanning more than one column or row.

      * Images in cells.


      Creating, and exporting tables manually in InDesign, it seems that CALS tables are the ones most close to the original format (HTML like), but I find no clues as to how to support images in CALS tables.

      The InDesign tables seem to be a pain, with all it's cells, and no row-markers.


      Should I look at something else than "standard XML", such as IDMS (snippets)?


      The CALS XML way looks good... just the image support I can't find.


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      Edit: Since I can't find a single question about images in CALS tables I suppose anything inside the "<entry>" elements is not part of the actual CALS tables specification. Just as if the table spec for HTML would explain the IMG tag (which it of course shouldn't do). But to rephrase: can an image (preferrably "image link")  be put in a CALS table entry somehow?


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