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    After Effects: Ram Preveiw Failing. Solution?

    LSkillzz2K10 Level 1

      Hi, I have been using After effects for about a year now but have only recently encountered this error. In the last week or so everytime I do a Ram Preveiw of my video it wont render any of the frames past 482 (everytime i restart After effects the amount differs from about 478-510). For example: if my compostion was altogether 10,000 frames long, it would only prepare the first 482 of those frames for the ram preveiw and even if there were only 900 frames in the Composition it would only prepare about 482. Is there anything I may have accidently changed that would have caused this to happen? And is there anyway I can get AE to Prepare all the Frames in the Comp again? Thank you


      Yours Sincerely,