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    Page Numbering (CS5)


      Hi, I am working on a large file (200+ pages) and I got it to number using the masters, but I want page number 1 to start on InDesign page number 7.  I tried assigning pages 1-6 to another Master, but that didn't change my page numbers on the others.  I would appreciate any help.  This is my first time working on this large of an InDesign project (a book) and I'm trying to get it out the door and under my feet

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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          Select the first page in the Pages panel. Then go to Pages (panel menu) > Numbering and Section Options and set the starting page number of the section to 7.

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            Michael Gianino Level 4

            Because this is your first time working with InDesign, this may be more information than you need or want, but you should check out the Book function. It allows you to make a long document out of several shorter documents (chapters), and will add or change the section starts dynamically. For example, if you have four 16-page chapters, the section start of the second will be page 17. If you then add two pages to the first chapter, it will change the section start of the second chapter from 17 to 19. In addition, it will change the section starts of any subsequent chapters as needed. It also lets you synchronize styles, so as to keep your work consistent.


            If you are almost done with this book, maybe do the next one with chapters, so as to not overload yourself this late in the game.