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    How to keep hslide undragable?

    mark416 Level 1

      I did this but it just move slidethumb back and I need set the hslide value from
      code and do not allow it dragable.I need the hslide just show the result.

      <mx:Application xmlns:mx=" http://www.adobe. com/2006/ mxml"
      layout="absolute" >
      <mx:HSlider id="h1" x="89" y="173" minimum="0" maximum="10"
      value="4" width="260"
      thumbPress=" getvalue( )" allowTrackClick= "false"
      liveDragging= "false" change ="keepvalue( )"/>
      import mx.controls. Alert;

      private var temp:Number;

      private function keepvalue(): void{

      h1.value = temp;

      private function getvalue():void{

      temp = h1.value;


      Please give me a idea