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    Is overclocking a video card bad?


      First post, so please be gentle!


      I will be getting a new GTX 570 (when I upgrade to i7 2600K) but am a little confused as I've read so much on the different branded cards/models available (e.g. reference vs non-reference, etc).  I've read that it's best NOT to over-clock the card - in much the same way that it's best NOT to over-clock the CPU.  However, there are many 570 cards available that are factory overclocked by as little as just 10MHz from the reference speed.  I can understand that this deviates slightly from the reference, but in the real world would I be fairly safe to purchase a card such as this for basic home video-editing purposes (I don't do gaming)?  I just need to put my mind at rest, before deciding which specific brand / model to get, as there are soooo many out there.  Any advice on what other things to look out for in a card would be useful too - HDMI vs mini-HDMI?; etc.


      Thanks in advance.