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    HELP Flash Player will No longer install :(


      I have a 64bit acer aspire 4741 laptop - Intel Core i5 CPU M 430 @ 2.27GHz 2.27GHz & 4GB Ram.

      I have had flash player on it fine before, but it only works the 1st time it's downloaded as soon as I closed my laptop lid or shutdown, the plug in stopped working & I had to re-install it- a hassle but do-able.

      I have sims 3 pets on it & it was working fine untill today when pets wouldnt open then crashed due to flash player not working (flash player worked fine for 2dys-which was a 1st & i thought that version had fixed the problem untill it wouldnt work today). I uninstalled flash player & tried to reinstall it again from the adobe site & this is what happens:

      Click download

      Click Save file - it downloads to downloads folder

      double click flashplayer 11 installer\

      dialog box with run comes up

      Click Run, it closes

      mouse icon shows processing circle for 10sec's then Nothing.............7 times this is what has happened!!!


      There is no flash player installed at all - I installed flash player 10- the installer worked fine so think it's the fact my laptop is 0.03-0.06 GHz lower than required according to flash player 11's system requirements (figured this out AFTER deleting ALL flash players off of my system, so dont know what version of flash player I had yesterday!) & now cant play any games due to not being able to install flash player AT ALL- 10 didnt cut the mustard & pets along with a few other games wont open to play.


      I have tried restarting my PC between installs- deleting all previous versions from my system (including from recycle bin)- All that seems to happen after clicking run is Adobe flash play installer shows up in task manager under running processes & I have to end it there inorder to try install flash player again other wise a dialog box saying only one instance of this can run at a time.


      I need to know how to get flash player back on my system so I can use my computer & play my flippn games - I'm not a PC wizz, so basic & easy to follow would be good thanks lol  



      After all of the above I THINK I've managed to get it flash player 11 to install by going to http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/ & using the pop up message that appeared under the taskbar saying 'missing plug-in' & having that directly install it on to my laptop - it did crash twice while installing but I just waited it out & it started working again- will remove this update if the games & what not still wont work....fingers crossed.


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