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    Guarantueed Premiere CS5 crash when applying EQ and Multiband Compressor together on mono track

    Lewiz Level 1

      Hi there everyone,


      I started a discussion a few days ago on an AppCrash subject, resulting in the discovery of a consequent failure which I have been able to reproduce ever since. I would now like to see if any other Premiere users can confirm this failure, to find out whether it's a common issue or just my configuration needing some tweaking.


      If you are a Premiere CS5 user, working with a Matrox MX02 LE system, I would like to invite you to do the following test:


      - Create a new project: MPE with GPU enabled, HDV capture format

      - Create a new sequence: 1080i @ 25 fps, Matrox MPEG-2 I-frame HD codec, one mono audio track and one video track

      - Capture some footage

      - Map the audio of the captured tracks to mono

      - Toss a few shots on the timeline with audio

      - Now apply a mono EQ effect to all audioclips in the timeline

      - Then apply the (mono) Multiband Compressor effect to all audioclips in the timeline, on top of the EQ effect

      - Press spacebar to play the timeline, do a match frame edit to switch to your source monitor and press spacebar to play that one, then switch back to your program monitor and press spacebar again


      If a Windows dialog box pops up saying "Premiere has stopped working" or anything the like, please let me know. If Premiere still functions, please let me know as well. I have a very "standard" workstation that was tested thoroughly by the professionals who built it, no crappy drivers or bad hardware, so I guess more people should be encountering this problem.


      Any cooperation with this issue is very much appreciated!