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    Acrobat 9 Combine PDFs w/ crop settings, smallest file size

    lhanneman Level 1



      I've created a batch sequence that will prompt a user to choose a folder/files and will gather all of the file names. Next I've got a folder-level script which I am currently writing. I need to combine all of the PDFs into one PDF, but using the smallest file size.


      Basically, I need to simulate the user clicking Combine - > Merge Files Into Single PDF. Then in the window that pops up, there are 3 options for file size, I need the smallest file size.


      In the JavaScript for Acrobat API Reference I don't see any way to call execMenuItem on "Combine" nor do I see any methods to combine (I'd prefer to do this in javascript). What I've done so far is created a new document on the fly and call "insertPages" for each of the PDFs my batch sequence finds. This works in creating a merged PDF, but does not yet apply any of the settings I need.




      1) Are there other ways to merge/combine PDFs besides creating a new document and inserting pages?


      2) Is there a way, using my folder-level javascript, to apply the Smallest File Size option that a user sees in the Merge Files Into Single PDF window?


      3) For cropping, is there any way to apply the cropping (i.e. constrain proportions = true, and then specify proportion values, etc) using my folder-level script instead of using execMenuItem on the Crop Pages menu? I'd really like to automate as much as I can within this script so the user doesn't have to follow any special instructions.


      Many thanks in advance!