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    PDF App works fine on Acrobat 7 but doesn't work in Acrobat 8/9




      I have a PDF application that has been working fine in Acrobat 7 for years (for a Fortune 50 company). We had to upgrade our environments to Acrobat 8/9 and the same app either HANGS or Shuts Down when opened in Acrobat 8/9 (Reader and Professional). When I timed some sections of the code, I got down to the following statement (Click action of a button):




      Where Home is a subform on page 1 and APHomeSF is a subform within Home form. This statement takes a fraction of a second in Pro 7 but 18 seconds in Pro 8. The APHomeSF subform has a checkbox, text field, date field and a button. Even when I changed the reset statement to resetting ONLY the checkbox:




      Pro 8 still took 18 secs to reset the data.  My question is that have any BASIC things changed in Acrobat 8/9 from Ver 7 that are deprecated or not supported, which may cause our application to take longer to run or just shut down.


      I am using Livecycle Designer to edit the application. When I open the application in Livecyle and just save it, I get many "Argument mismatch in property or function argument" errors. Following is one of the places:


      Generating PDF Document...

      Font Service: Default font typeface is Myriad Pro.

      Script failed (language is javascript; context is xfa[0].form[0].CopyContent[0].#subform[0].SPOA[0].SPOAdataRow[0])


      var groupsArray = Builder.variables.soScript.getGroupsArray();

      var name = CopyElementName.rawValue;  // PROBLEM LINE


      Error: Argument mismatch in property or function argument



      Now, when I delete the line "var name = CopyElementName.rawValue" with the comment PROBLEM LINE, the error goes away. CopyElementName is just a drop-down list.

      I don't understand what is wrong in this line for it to cause the Argument mismatch error.


      Any help will be appreciated.... THANKS!