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    crop tool?

    Islanders66 Level 1

      Is there a crop tool for cropping mattes? On FCP7 it's the c key then drag the edge of the crop in the canvas panel. I'm new to both programs and didn't see a shortcut listed for PP5.5.

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          No, but there is a Crop effect. Just search for "crop" in the Effects panel. Note that it is just a four-sided, rectangular crop. Check out the Garbage Matte effects for 4-point, 8-point, and 16-point non-rectangular crops/mattes. For more flexibility yet, look into the Track Matte effect, which can use any shape you design in a graphic tool (including the built-in Title Tool) to carve out a shape of your desiring.

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            Islanders66 Level 1

            Appreciate that. I suppose I can just uclick the uniform scale as well for cropping. The other tips sould keep me busy for a while. Yes, I was just trying to figure out the keyframing with the Title Tool as well, so now it's starting to make sense.