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    Syncing AE plugins between Mac Pro's.


      We have 3 Mac Pro's on the same network at the office.

      I was wondering if it's okay to sync plugins using SugarSync.

      I know some plugins like Keylight for FCP and Sapphire use Machine ID and probably won't work,

      but what about plugins from Red Giant, Video Copilot, Boris, etc?

      Should they be okay? If not, then why?

      I know After Effects uses the MediaCore folder and Plugins folder, is there any other file location I don't know about?


      http://www.fcpeffects.com/blogs/blog/3641842-how-to-sync-fcp-x-effects-across-multiple-mac hines-using-sugarsync

      I know this is for FCP X, but basically the same idea I was thinking of.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You got the proper answer on the matter on the COW. It's certainly possible to just copy the .plugin files, but serialization will almost always require to run the installer regardless.



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I don't know of any way to simply copy most 3rd party plug-ins into a folder and have them activate a license. You'll have to go through an Install with most. With some you can serialize or register them from the ECW (Effects Control Window). I'd think that remote access to the desktops by an administrator in charge of keeping software up to date would be a more efficient solution. Other than that, there's no reason that you couldn't store the actual plug-in files in a cloud server and point to them with an Alias.