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    Weird behaviour with PE10

    bernieraffe Level 1

      I've been using PE9 for several months now, so getting quite familiar with it. I upgraded to PE10 when it came out and havn't had any problem... until today!


      I have a film where there are quite a few still images side by side (it's an educational film). and this works for all but one clip. Although the two images are the same resolution as all the others (1400px x 930px approx), after the film is created they appear very pixelated.


      If I share the whole film using the workarea indicators, using all the same output settings as before, the film looks fine and the images look perfect!! As soon as I go back and share the whole film again, the images are very pixelated in the film.


      I've rendered the whole timeline prior to sharing.


      Not really a problem though, because I can just share using the workarea guides, but has anyone else seen this behaviour?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          That is odd.


          What is the format of those two Images?


          Are you sure that they are the same pixel x pixel resolutions, as the others?


          The 1400 x 930 should not be an issue, but what is the Frame Size of your Project?


          Good luck,



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            bernieraffe Level 1

            I forgot to mention this is an old project that worked fine in PE9, all I did was shortened one of the other unrelated clips.


            The original film project is AVCHD full HD 1080i 25 I exported the film as a 720p 25 Windwos Media file, same settings I always use.


            jpg image resolution is same format as the others, jpg 1400px on long side. I even went back and checked the resolution and re-imported the images, replacing the old one, but it didn't make any difference.


            The only thing that works is to tick the box that allows you to share the video using the workarea indicators, all is fine then, otherwise as I said, the images appear very pixelated and look as though they're about 200 pixels wide that have been enlarged.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Thanks for that additional info.


              I am at a total loss, as to why a few Still Images would yield any problems, especially after you have verified that they have the same resolution and format.


              One test, that comes to my mind, would be to Open the problem Still Images in PS, or PSE, and then Save_As either a PSD, or perhaps a PNG-24. Import those Save_As Images into PrE, replacing the bad ones, and then test with a full Timeline Share/Export. Any better?


              A few more questions: are there Transitions between those problem Images? If so, which Transition?

              Any Effects added to those problem Images? If so, which ones?


              Good luck, and wish I had more ideas.