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    Host advice

    Anouka31 Level 1

      I was advised to repost this under Dreamweaver because you all might have more advice with regards to website hosting:


      This might sound ridiculous, but the internet is failing me.  I have my entire site in Flash, so it exists as a .swf.  This is my first site, so I'm looking for a host that is as straightforward as possible is able to deal with a Flash site, but every 'review' site I find is clearly some sort of advertising for one host or another, I haven't been able to find any real information about good, reliable hosts/servers or even the mechanics of uploading.  My website is for my small business, so I need it to go as smoothly as possible....


      I'm assuming that forum rules prevent posting endorsements of actual companies, but if anyone can recommend a solid host, could you PM me?  Or if anyone can even point me to reputable reviews or information, that would be fantastic.


      I'm also very interested in green hosts, if anyone has an endorsement.....

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          MurraySummers Level 8

          I have my entire site in Flash, so it exists as a .swf.


          This means that iPlatforms cannot see your site, search engines cannot see your site, and screen assistive devices cannot see your site.  Is that OK with you?


          There is nothing special you would need from a host to make this site visible to the remaining visitors.


          (can you tell that I think an all Flash site is a very bad choice?)

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            Anouka31 Level 1

            I realize it's not the best solution, you're right.  Over time I plan on redesigning it in Dreamweaver, but it needed to be done sooner and Flash was easier for me to learn.  I have a few workarounds sorta: Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr are all areas we're active in and will link to the site, since they're so SEO friendly, I expect that anyone looking for us will at least find us on one of those sites and be able to find us that way.  We also plan to use our Tumblr as a redirect for iPhone users.


            Thanks for your concern though (this might read as sarcastic but I mean it sincerely)

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              MurraySummers Level 8

              Good luck!  Any host that meets your budget should be fine (except for GoDaddy, which I really dislike).

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                Anouka31 Level 1


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                  Curtis_E_Flush Level 3

                  I agree with Murray.
                  1. Flash sites defeat the entire purpose of even putting a site online, because it renders the whole thing invisible. You might as well keep it on your own hard drive and be the only person on earth who ever sees it, because putting it up won't really be much different.

                  2. Even if you are kidnapped and the ransom demand is that you sign up for a GoDaddy account, don't do it. Better dead than another frustrated, disappointed, disillusioned customer of that terrible hosting service.

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                    Anouka31 Level 1

                    Duly noted on the implications of a Flash site.


                    Thanks for the advice on GoDaddy though, I've never heard a good word about them.

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                      mhollis55 Level 4

                      I, too, do not recommend GoDaddy.


                      Here is what you are looking for in a host:


                      Very prompt answers to technical support questions. A support staff that is available by phone 24 hours a day 7 days a week is the kind of thing you will be looking for. Realize that, at first, you will need some handholding.


                      Very high-speed service with few limits. You want to stay away from hosts that limit the amount of bandwidth you can serve, limit the amount of disk space you can have, limit the number of email accounts their server will support (unless you increase what you pay). Simple Linux/Apache hosts can handle all email, large hard drives and unlimited capacity (save in a DDoS attack, which ought not happen to your websites unless you are hosting something that is controversial).


                      Analysis tools, like a great statistics package that allows you to check and see how many hits your website is getting and where they are coming from.


                      You're looking for a Green host and there are a number of them, as well as hosts that have just switched to green technology. That will narrow the field.


                      I am very impressed with my host, Inmotion Hosting as well as BlueHost. I'm not so impressed with 1&1, even though they are pretty popular and get high ratings, I never recommend GoDaddy and I don't like Network Solutions.


                      You want a comfortable fit. So talk to someone in sales and ask questions. Talk to someone in Support.


                      I wholly agree with Murray and Curtis: Despite Adobe's lead in the field, Flash-based websites are trailing-edge technology. I believe that Adobe is currently working on solutions to make Flash-based websites into HTML5/jQuery websites and, if I had a Flash-based website, I would be looking at those offerings. Additionally, Adobe is looking into helping Flash developers make apps out of Flash-based material for the Android/iOS phones and tablets, so if your website is something you might want to develop into a free-standing application, you might think about that.

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                        Anouka31 Level 1

                        Thank you so much, that's incredibly helpful advice.  It's much appreciated!!