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    Recoding a key press without text entry boxes


      I'm trying to record a simulation (training mode recording) and at one point, I need learners to press 1 of 2 keys to "transmit" information to the server (they can either press F10 or the + sign on their keypad).  How can I get Captivate to capture the F10 or + keys and then pause during playback so the learners can perform?


      The only alternative to doing it this way would be to insert an image of the keyboard onto the screen when required, but again, not sure how I can get that done.


      I'm pretty new to Captivate so any help anyone can provide would be great!

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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Trying to set even single keystrokes for a button or clickbox in Captivate is often problematic because the web browser may intercept the keystroke call if it's one that the browser has already allocated to some function.  Any keystroke for a function key (e.g. F10) is likely to be used by the browser already, and they browser will always 'see' the keystroke ahead of your Captivate content.


          I like your other alternative of having an image of the keyboard pop up on screen so that the user can indicate their keystroke that way. You just need to place a clickbox object over the relevant part of the image to record the user action.