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      Hello Guys


      I am trying to change the source of the following http://www.flashmo.com/preview/flashmo_248_clean_gallery with one where I would only have Galleries. Can someone help me getting there? I am a newbee and require it for my own personal purpose.


      What I have is number of XML files, of which three have galleries but the other have contact form and description. So I have tried the following


      a) Replaced the content of XML file with descriptions (such as Services) with the XML of Picture Gallery

      b) Replaced the XML file and then modified the calling function file.


      Neither of these work.


      If any of you can point me to the places where I should be looking, please do point me to that. Or if you can point to a Tutorial that will help me learn sufficiently in about 2 hours to DIY basis that will be great help.



      Source files etc can be downloaded from the link posted above.


      Thanks in advance and apologies if I am too much of a freeloader.


      (I do some other IT but learning completely new language is a bit tough)