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    Technical problem: PPro CS5.5 won't play DSLR MOVs




      I am new to PPro CS5.5 (first day, actually) and I cannot play back .MOVs from my Canon 5D Mk2 (with audio). Every other file format that I tried worked, which is quite bad because I bought the Production Premium package just to work with DSLR footage.

      It doesn't matter whether I create a sequence (still haven't figured what that is for) with/for the file or not, it doesn't matter what project settings I have. After I start the application I can play (or scrub) DSLR files for ten seconds max before the output starts to jump erratically within the clip (the playhead doesn't) and then turns green (RGB: 0x008600), sometimes interjected with images from other clips that have been played before, sometimes even garbage. There is no recovering from this. All other file formats continue to work fine. "Project New" or exiting the application then may take up to a minute while the program remains unresponsive and looks like it has crashed. It is totally unusable (the competition and every other software works fine with the files).


      I have a Win7 64Bit 3.4GHz Sandybridge system with 16GB RAM. The harddisks are large, fast and quick enough to handle DSLR video. There are no other applications running in the background (really nothing as the computer is of course not connected to the internet) and there's lots of memory and harddisk space available.


      What can I do or what did I do wrong? Thanks in advance.