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    Text jumping around in text box. NOT related to text wrap.


      We are having an issue with some of the text jumping around in the text block while we are making edits to the text. It is not related to text wrap.


      We hadn't seen this problem until we converted from CS4 to CS5.5.


      The background:

      We use a proprietary page generation system. This generates IDML, which we open in InDesign. We then pull this information into our CS5 templates. This system has always worked fine in the past. Now, however, we are having this odd problem. The only thing that has changed is the version of InDesign.


      What happens:

      In some cases we are editing a word, changing punctuation, moving something within a table, or even just changing the color of a letter. When it is triggered, the text from the body of the text block jumps around in the box (many times ABOVE the headline information). Normally the movement is upward, but it makes longer edits very tricky as the lines are moving around within the text block.


      What we do when it happens:

      Usually, if we find a safe place within the text to type a return we do that, then delete that return. This solves the problem, but only temporarily. If the file is opened and closed, it goes back to jumping.


      Why this is a big issue for us:

      We are working on catalogs, some with more than 400 pages. There are large amounts of items. Much of the time we have to make global changes with find/replace and GREP replace. This often causes situations where the text jumps and we don't notice. It can even happen when we are checklisting our files (right before it goes to the printer). This makes us very nervous.


      Does anyone have any knowledge that might be able to help us?