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    blank text/pages


      I'm having a problem when I move a book to my ereader. Some text and full pages are blank on the ereader but are fine in Digital Editions.

      anybody have any ideas?

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          Joreen, there could be several things that cause what you see.  Chief among

          them is the pagination/text resizing capabilities of your ereader.  You've

          not mentioned what ereader that is, so I can't be more specific than that.


          The way it works is that the ereader will react to the control information

          that comes along with the ebook and its software - not Adobe's - will then

          paginate the text according to its formulas.  Some ereaders are capable

          only of two or three different text sizes, while others can do more than



          Other things that can cause 'improper pagination' include bad text in the

          ebook (which you wouldn't see in Digital Editions because of the way it

          displays the text) or something in the software of your ereader.


          Just for fun, try doing a reset on your ereader and then open the ebook you

          downloaded and see if anything has changed.  Also, contact the manufacturer

          of your ereader and find out if there's a software update available that

          you don't have loaded yet.


          Hope this helps!