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    "Go Back" button in Android Environment

    ACS LLC Level 1

      I have a CFM script that is designed to run in an Android environment, if there are problems the user is prompted to "go back" to the previous page, for this I use a submit button with -->


      <form action="javascript:history.back()" method="post">


      When I test in firefox, it works fine, it'll go back to a form leaving all the entries intact, and most importantly, what is does NOT do is reload the page, which I definately don't want it to do.


      The problem I have when I try the same command in the Android browser is that it actually reloads the page, running all of the SQL again, and screwing up the page because certain session variables, despite me applying a structdelete so I hit all sorts of problems


      Anybody have any idea if there is a way to make this happen in Android so that it does just go back and does not reload the page?