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    cfexchangeconnection problem

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      I'm having a bit of trouble connecting to our (hosted) Exchange server.

      My code is thus:

      stArgs = structNew();
      stArgs.action = "open";
      stArgs.userName = "myMailboxLogin";
      stArgs.password = "myMailboxPwd";
      stArgs.server = "serversOwaIpAddress";
      stArgs.connection = "oExchCon";

      <cfexchangeConnection attributeCollection="#stARgs#">
      <cfdump var="#oExchCon#">

      I'm authenticating fine (if I try deliberately incorrect login/pwd details,
      I get told as much), but then getting this error:

      Cannot access Exchange server as a web application at
      Ensure that the Exchange web application is configured in IIS and Web
      Service Extension for the Exchange server is allowed.

      OWA is enabled, as I can access my mailbox via OWA using those credentials.

      I presume I'm doing something wrong, or have some config on the Exchange
      server wrong, but am not sure what.

      Anyone had this before and sorted it out?