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    Known issue with search?

    Alberti Level 1

      RH9, RH9 Server, Webhelp Pro


      In my project I have several topics dealing with expense claim and containing both those words.


      Yet if a user does a simple search on the word "expense", it comes back with the "cannot find a good answer" response.


      However if they search on "expense claim" they get the appropriate hits. What's happening here?

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          Alberti Level 1

          This problem disappears when I disable server-side indexing in the RH9 Server configuration panel, and then re-publish.


          As I reported here earlier, we continue to get a corrupted TOC when publishing WebHelp Pro to RH9 Server. Some books and topic nested at level 3 do not appear; sometimes there are visible gaps in the TOC and other times no gaps, just missing content. These errors do not appear in WebHelp output (as distinct from WebHelp Pro) nor do they appear in WebHelp Pro output on my local C: drive. They occur only when WebHelp Pro output is published to the RH9 Server.


          I am beginning to wonder whether the WebHelp Pro/Robo Server 9 combination is sufficiently robust. Perhaps we should publish to some other server using WebHelp output (not WebHelp Pro) until Adobe gets these issues fixed. The RoboServer analytics are a “nice to have” but not really useful until we know the end-users are seeing everything we put out there for them, and that is not happening.


          Where is the best place for us to report these anomalies for resolution?

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            Alberti Level 1

            Thanks, Rick.


            Just my opinion (like, whose else?) but I think it’s slightly tacky to classify “bugs” alongside “wish list”.

            Why? Because “bug” means I’m not getting what I’ve paid for. A “wish list” on the other hand is pie in the sky – something I haven’t paid for and don’t even know what it might cost.


            To put them alongside each other in this way suggests that “Oh yeah, we might get around to it some day, but don’t count on it.” How does that make me feel if all I’m asking for is for the product to deliver what it promised?



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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Hi Mike


              LOL, it is what it is I suppose. Sure, everyone has an idea of what would seem better.


              Keep in mind that this is a very general purpose form used by Adobe for ALL their products. And when you think about it, there really is a lot of duplication of information if this were two forms. The development team often wants some of the same information for a feature as they would need when reporting a bug.


              But hey ho, it's their ball park and all we can do is adapt to it or just go away. For me, I just have too much fun here and enjoy helping others to consider going away.


              Cheers... Rick


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                Alberti Level 1

                Adobe has provided a fix for this issue, and so far it seems to resolve it.