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    Which e-readers?


      Can anyone help with the following. I have created PDF's ( in Adobe Acrobat Pro) which have embedded sound (MP3) files, I now need an e-Reader when loaded with these files that will respond to them as they would in Adobe reader on a PC, that is activate when the page with the MP3 file embedded in is visible or on a 'mouse' click. I'm making an assumption that Adobe reader if not already loaded willneed to be. The e-reader needs to be one of the B & W types (as opposed to a colour tablet) as a long battery life is a key element for what I need to use it for.   I would be grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction as to which types of e-reader will cater for this need as I have had little joy from the manufactuers (except Asus) on this..............................cheers